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Measurements giving wrong values

Analog zero offset is very high (in volts range)

Check that the red DIP-switches positions correspond with the settings on the Configuration page.

Analog zero offset deviates small, but significant

If analog inputs are not 0V, then calibrate the Uberlogger using the Calibration button. Please note that the values will always fluctuate about ±0.02V for 12 bits and ±0.01V for 16 bits.

I have 2 temperature sensors in open air, but the temperatures are not equal

Having a temperature difference between sensors in open air can quickly happen.

Digital inputs are not triggering

Digital inputs require a minimum of 2.0V for triggering to go up.

If you are still experiencing measurement issues, please contact support via

Wi-Fi problems

When Unable to Connect to the Uberlogger Configured as a Hotspot:

  • Check Proximity: Ensure that you are within range of the Uberlogger's hotspot signal. Walls or other obstacles can degrade the signal quality.

  • Reboot the Uberlogger: Power-cycle or reset the Uberlogger to refresh its settings and try connecting again.

  • Check for Interference: If you are in an area with multiple Wi-Fi networks, check if the Wi-Fi channel of the Uberlogger hotspot channel is not interfering with another network. You can change the network channel of the hotspot as described in this section.

When Unable to Connect the Uberlogger to a Local Access Point:

  • Check your access point frequency: currently only 2.4 GHz networks are supported.

  • Check RSSI Signal: Verify that the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) signal of the local access point is strong enough for the Uberlogger to connect. It should have an RSSI of minimum -80 dB.

  • Confirm Password: Make sure that you've entered the correct password for the local access point.

  • Change Wi-Fi Channel: Ensure that the Wi-Fi channel set on the local access point is compatible with the Uberlogger. You may need to change either device setting.

  • Reboot Both Devices: Try power-cycling both the Uberlogger and the local access point. Wait for a minute or two before powering them back on.

  • Guest networks and enterprise networks: currently the Uberlogger does not support guest networks which require acceptance of network access conditions. Also, networks with certificates are not supported.

  • Check for MAC Filtering: Ensure that your local access point doesn't have MAC address filtering enabled. If it does, add the Uberlogger's MAC address to the allowed list.

Red LED flashing & Error codes

In case an error occurs, the red LED on the Uberlogger will be flashing and you can see the error code on the configuration page. Each error code is described in the table below.

1Unable to open log file.- Please check the SD card for errors on your PC or if the SD card is full.
4, 8, 32, 256Internal hardware error- Please contact customer support and report the corresponding error code.
16Unable to write on SD card.- Check the free disk space of the SD card.
- Check if you read/write the card on another device.
- If you still get this error, contact Uberlogger support.
32Sync error- Unable to synchronize with support chip.
- Contact Uberlogger customer support .
128Unable to mount SD card- Try reading the SD card on a PC and then putting the SD card back into the Uberlogger; it may solve the issue.
- If not, try another SD card.
512No free spaceYou need at least 200 kB of free space on the SD card. Try removing files to free up space on the SD card.
4096Max file size reachedThe maximum file size has been exceeded. Currently limited to 4000000000 bytes.

Customer support

You can contact customer support at Uberlogger by going to