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Technical datasheet

Electrical characteristics
Supply voltageRange: 4.75 V to 5.25 V
Supply current (max)300 mA
Analog input characteristics
Input voltage rangeSelectable-10 V to +10 V or -60 V to +60 V
Input impedance100 kOhm
Input accuracy+/-0.5%
ADC resolutionSelectable: 12-bit or 16-bit
Analog filterAnalog anti-aliasing filter cut-off frequency (1st order)5 kHz
Digital filter on analog inputsDigital anti-aliasing filter cut-off frequency (1st order)f_sample/2 (Active in 16-bit mode only)
Input protectionOver-voltage protection clamped
Digital input characteristics
Input voltage range-60 V to +60 V
Input impedance100 kOhm
Analog filterAnalog de-bounce filter cut-off frequency (1st order)100 kHz
Input LOWVoltage to read digital LOW (false)1.0V
Input HIGHVoltage to read digital HIGH (true)2.0V
Input protectionOver-voltage protection clamped
NTC type10 kOhm @ 25⁰C, beta=3950
NTC connectorJST-XH
Wi-Fi securityWPA2 personal
USB-Port-COnly used for power
SD-CardMicroSD, Up to 32GB, FAT only, Max file size: 4GB
Dimensions (outer)145x77x23 mm (approximately)
Enclosure typePCB stacked